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Let Us Worry About Your Business’s Maintenance

As a business manager, you have enough responsibility without worrying about maintenance issues or electrical complications. Over the last 30 years, we’ve helped dozens of businesses with their ongoing electrical needs through maintenance agreements. As a well-reputed company employing highly-skilled and experienced IBEW electricians, you can trust your properties’ electrical systems to us—and you can rest easy knowing the electrical system is well taken care of.

Two electricians working on an electrical panel together. Actual electricians performing work according to industry code and safety standards.

Custom Maintenance Agreements

If you need ongoing help with your electrical systems, then a maintenance agreement may be the right fit for you. We customize maintenance plans specifically to your business’s needs.

Don’t forget the parking lot…

In addition, we offer agreements to maintain your parking lot lighting. This popular agreement option keeps your employees and customers safe and your property looking nice.

Lanterns at shopping mall parking lot illuminated at night

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